Monday, August 30, 2021

A wonderful visit!


I had a most delightful visit with fellow blogger Janet (Rogue Quilter) last week. She came to Maine for some R & R and to research her family on one of our fabulous islands.

I was so happy to be able to share my sewing room(s) with her and listen to her comments about my quilts and my excessive fabric stash. We spent a lovely few hours at Cyndi’s (BusyThimble) shop on Thursday before she headed east. 

 Be sure to check Janet’s monthly mini post tomorrow as she will be showing two fabulous quilts. One was for Cyndi and one for me. We were both flabbergasted! I feel blessed to have such wonderful quilting friends.

I know my posts have been far to infrequent this summer, but I do hope to remedy that soon. I have been enjoying photos of the AQSG Study quilts online. The theme for 2020 (yes, these were meant to be displayed at the 2020 seminar which never happened) was “medallion quilts”.

 Normally, they host these study quilts every other year at the annual seminar. This is the third time I have entered. Entrants must choose an antique quilt and make a smaller quilt using it as inspiration. When I heard the theme would be medallions, I knew I had to enter.

 This is my inspiration quilt. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it in a quilt shop in the late 1980’s. I couldn’t afford it so I offered to teach classes at the shop in trade for it. 

 This is my interpretation. I actually tried to match fabrics and quilting as much as I could to the original. It is about one quarter of the original size. 

 Barbara Brackman has posted a few on her Material Culture blog. I have seen some fabulous quilts on the AQSG Facebook page as well. There will be a book out soon so I will keep you posted. There were 50 entries this time and 25 of those will tour the country over the next few years at different venues. I am so honored to be one of those 25.

 Enjoy the day and don’t forget to check out the monthly minis tomorrow.


  1. Your medallion quilt for AQSG is fabulous!! I hope I get to see it in person while it is traveling. So glad you got to see your quilting friends in the perfect setting -Cyndi's quilt shop!! :)

  2. What a fun week for you! Meeting up with Janet and having your study quilt chosen for the tour and publication. Your quilt is such a faithful interpretation of the original which is amazing to me considering the small scale. Simply stunning!

  3. How fun you got to visit with Janet!
    Great study quilt. Got to love a medallion quilt!!

  4. Lucky you to spend time with Janet and Cjndi. Three fabulous quilts together. Your mini interpretation of your antique quilt is incredible. You captured the essence of the original.

  5. Oh that sounds like a lovely visit with friends;). Lucky gals for sure! I love your medallion quilt! I didn't participate this time. I'm glad yours is traveling! With any luck I may get to see it!

  6. What a fun get-together with Janet O. and Cyndi. I saw your AQSG Study quilt on Barbara B's website and am happy to hear it has been chosen for the tour. I am in awe of the many talented quilters who participated--all the quilts are amazing!

  7. So special to meet up with quilty friends! I LOVE your version of the amazing medallion quilt.

  8. Congratulations on your quilt on the tour. Looks like a fun time.

  9. Oh my ... how fun to meet Janet ! Great memories for Cyndi and yourself !
    Your medaillon quilt is fabulous ! I love the colors you used !

  10. How wonderful to have a visit from Janet and to have a reason to visit Cyndi's shop too! hooray
    Love your medallion inspiration quilt and the reproduction you made. Congratulations on it being picked to travel. That is wonderful

  11. Such a highlight of the trip for us to meet you and Gordon, and to share part of your life. Visiting Cyndi's was a treat. As always, she is a gracious and kind woman. Thank you both for making time for my visit and sharing part of your lives with me.
    Your interpretation quilt is spot-on! Great job.
    When I went to NEQM (stunning place!) I picked up a brochure about the AQSG and have been tempted to join up, but would probably just sit on the sidelines and be dead weight.