Saturday, July 31, 2021

July Monthly Mini


My mini this month, is reminiscent of one of the many summer jobs I had in my youth. Our neighbor, Howie Davison was a well seasoned square dance “caller” who owned and operated the historic, “Merry Barn” in Edgecomb, Maine. He held square dances every Saturday night from June through September.

 He also took his microphone on the road to teach at many of the summer camps that are so prevalent in our beautiful state of Maine. It was my job to demonstrate the dances and help keep everyone “in step”. We lived a pretty sheltered life in our rural setting so it was a great experience to meet children from various walks of life. It was definitely my favorite summer job. Of course, given that babysitting and filling bait bags for lobster traps were some of my other obligations, it seems an obvious choice. 

 The center of this mini is from one of my vintage feedsacks. It is a border print and I have it in 3 colorways. The 4 corner blocks are from another vintage feedsack and the yellow print is a c1940 fabric. After I had stitched the border on, I noticed that the poor guy in the center had a boot on top of his head!

I didn’t have enough fabric to cut another piece so I simply appliqued a semicircle over the boot. Hardly noticeable after quilting! 

The backing is also a vintage feedsack.

Obviously square dancing was a popular theme for early 20
th century fabric manufacturers.  I’ve named it, “Swing Your Partner” as that was my favorite “call” in square dancing.

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  1. Wendy, I love your quilt Swing Your Partner! What a sweet quilt and the story behind it is great! I grew up going to a great community in NH - actually we still own our family camp there - Lake Shore Park in Gilford on Winnipesaukee. We have a pavillion there and all of the kids have learned so many fun dances over the years. The Mexican Hat Dance, the Hokipokee, lol. We never learned square dancing though! I'm sorry about that. I'm sure it's lots of fun. I'll have to mention that to our activities director! Where do you find such cute flour sack fabric? I'd love some. Jan in MA