Thursday, April 4, 2024

One Piece Wonder

 I found this fabulous Kaffe Fasset fabric at Alewives Fabrics in Nobleboro, Maine. Rhea has an excellent website and I highly recommend taking a spin through her delightful virtual shop. I challenged myself to make a quilt (yes, in the potholder method) using just this fabric for the appliques. I drafted a simple applique design and started hunting for the perfect background. I finally decided on a bright and happy Spring green. 

I used more than one fabric for the backings!

And now a funny story about why we have design walls and why we should use them often! After I hand appliqued, hand quilted and bound all the blocks (one 12" block in the center, twelve 6" blocks surrounding the center, four 6" corner blocks and four 6" x 24" border pieces) I put them up on the design wall for one last look before assembling them. ARGH! How did I not see that glaring purple blob in the upper lefthand corner? I didn't mind the one in the center of the bottom, but that one just drove me crazy!

It was no problem to applique a piece over it. The challenge was how to quilt it without going through all three layers as it had already been quilted.

It took longer to fix the mistake than it did to quilt the entire border piece! Live and learn!! 

Anyway, It is done and I love it and it's Spring colors are cheering me up as I stare out my window at 6" of white fluff and more coming! Life in Maine!


  1. I love your little quilt, and everything about it! Wouldn't your process be a fun challenge for a quilting group, two fabrics, a simple applique design, and let creativity reign! One question, how much fabric was required for the Kaffe print considering all the fussy cutting you did?

    1. Funny you should ask... I bought a yard and a quarter which was enough for all but the 12" square for the back so I went back and bought two more yards! I know, crazy!

  2. So beautiful, Wendy. If I couldn't see the fabric in large pieces in the border, I never would have believed this was all from one fabric. You did a masterful job of covering the "purple blob" that was so troublesome to you! I can imagine it was a challenge to just quilt through the top layers of your "patch".
    Hope it has stopped snowing and that you got off on your trip as planned.

  3. I love it! And I didn't notice the "blob" until you mentioned it, but I do like your fix!!
    We had a few inches of snow yesterday here in Oregon- good grief! Well, it is spring after all.

  4. very effective use of a gorgeous kaffe fabric...i always liked alewives...

  5. OmG I missed this post too. You have give me an elbow in the ribs. ha ha
    This turned out beautifully and the fix is perfect.
    The back design and colors area fabulous and I can really see the beautiful hand quilting.