Friday, November 13, 2015

When the Cat's away

The mice will quilt!

My husband has to go to the Caribbean Charter Boat shows in the late fall for his job as a yacht charter broker. He goes for a week in early November and again in early December. My non quilting friends (yes, I have a few) say, “Are you crazy? Why don’t you go with him?” and my quilting friends say, “Lucky you! How much quilting did you get done?”

So, here’s what I accomplished in a week of no cooking, cleaning or dishes!

I made 3 throw pillows and two dish towels for my Mom who is moving into an efficiency apartment at my sister’s house. She loves paper dolls and Peter Hunt so I incorporated both.

I’m up to date on my Time Warp stars:
Week 43: Provincial – (oddly enough I bought this fabric on a Caribbean sailing trip in 1993, so I do go with him when he is not working the show!)

And week 44: Early roller print clouds and storms

I am in charge of the Veteran’s quilts for my group and I try to make at least one top a month and also one with blocks from the group. I made two tops for our group’s Veteran quilt project, but unfortunately gave them to the quilter before I photographed them.

I made pretty good progress on this month’s block (Blue Flag Iris) in the SVBAQ sew along.

And, for some unknown reason, I started another sew-a-long thanks to Audrey at Quilty Folk. This one was right up my alley and I just couldn’t resist. She is calling it Quilty 365 and it consists of making one circle block a day. How hard can that be? Audrey is such an inspiration. If you have never read her blog, do check it out. Her quilts are so delightful. She has a fantastic and often daring color sense and she is very creative. Anyway, I love appliqueing circles, so I am in. I decided to use feedsacks as I have a ton of scraps and need to move out a few boxes! I started on Sunday the 8th so here are my 5 blocks so far. I am making one each morning before work which seems doable so far!

So I had a productive an relaxing week and I am looking forward to his return tonight!


  1. Always fun to have the opportunity to sew and NOT cook or clean!
    Great projects!! I look forward to watching your quilt 365 progress,

  2. You had a productive week! It always feels good to keep moving projects forward. Your iris's are perfect.

  3. Good for You! Another friend of mine was happy to have a few days to herself when her hubby went hunting! Wish I could say I have been as productive!!

  4. love your stars fabric....glad you had some "me" time....

  5. Lol So very true about finding lots of time to quilt when the husbands away.:) LOVE your whimsical circles! And thank you for the very nice things you said about my quilting. I am just so happy to have found friends who understand my quilty passions!

  6. Whoohoo, you've been a busy lady! I love your authentic soulieado red fabric in the stars, thanks for showing the selvedge, too.The circles have tempted me too!

  7. Uninterrupted sewing time is priceless!
    Good for you, doing the Veterans quilts each month!
    Love that Iris block!
    I can't imagine keeping up with an appliqued circle every day, but I am going to have fun watching those of you who are doing it. : )

  8. Wow - lots done - what fun and all lovely! Beautiful little circles and thanks for the reminder about this sewalong - I think I need to do this one.

  9. Your Blue Flag block is very well done. Love the background.

    I saw Audrey's circles idea and think it will be a hit with many quilters. It will be interesting to see what each person chooses to use for their daily circles.

  10. Uninterrupted sewing time --fantastic! You've done lots of wonderful work--love the circles and all the fabrics (Peter Hunt!!!!), real feedsacks, real Provincial (of course I actually like Lorraine just as well as my real Souleiado...). You have amazing fabrics Wendy! Need to check out Quilty folk.

  11. You've been busy! great stars - I need to make a few to catch up.
    What sweet towels for your mom!
    Nothing beats an empty house for quality quilting time!!

  12. Wendy, your blocks look great - such a delicate iris - and looks like you have some fabulous feed sacks for sure! I know what you mean about time to quilt when there isn't the usual meal prep pressure;). My husband leaves for Japan tomorrow, he he.... I have about 10 ongoing projects but just can't help myself either - thinking of the 365 project as well! Just saw it tonight as I'm catching up with some quilty blog reading!

  13. I'm with your quilting friends, great to have that time to dedicate to sewing.