Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Little Relief

Relief for me and for hurricane Harvey victims. I sent out over 20 yards to Betty (see post here) for their Project Linus quilts. My overloaded shelves thank me and I am sure the quilters in the Houston area will be happy to start stitching again.

I was also able to whip up a few more kennel quilts (I forgot to photograph the first 3 before I sent them out) to send down as well. 
These little quilts are used to keep cats and small dogs comfortable in their crates as they are rescued. There was a “call for quilts” from The Quilt Pattern Magazine for 12” x 18” kennel quilts. I am sending these to Dallas, but if you go to their website (here) there are a number of places requesting them.

They are super simple to make. They don’t want any added binding (so it doesn’t come loose if they chew on it). I simply pillow cased them and stitched down the edge.
It took more time to choose the fabric than it did to actually make them! I kept finding cute fabrics with dogs and cats. Honestly, did I really think the animals cared what the pattern was? 

I am feeling very fortunate. My daughter-in-law’s family on the west coast of Florida, came through hurricane Irma unscathed. I hope to be sending care packages to Florida early next week.

Thanks to quilters everywhere who have been able to help in these recent disasters.


  1. I really like that pillowcase finish. So neat and easy! I'm glad your in-laws were unscathed. I think everyone will be involved in the recovery!

  2. Wendy, great idea on making little kennel quilts. I am going to do some today. Thanks for the idea. I already sent yards and yards (and threads) to Houston...thank you for that, too.
    So glad that your daughter in law's family is ok in Florida.
    Missing you!

  3. Glad to hear your daughter in laws family made it ok. It was definitely scary all over the state. Cute little kennel quilts.

    1. Kyle, How is your daughter? Did she get any damage. As I recall she is on the west coast which was hit pretty hard.

  4. Oh, Wendy, you are so generous! Love those little kennel quilts. What a great idea. Glad your extended family is safe in FL.

  5. wendy...thanks so much for helping me get the word out....and glad that your family and mine survived irma just fine...

  6. I love your kennel pads! I am glad that the lost and traumatized pets in the shelter get a lovely quilt to lie comforting! So glad your family made it through the storm!

  7. I knew nothing about kennel quilts. A good way to give dogs some comfort and love.

  8. Great kennel quilts! The rescue workers will love the designs you chose for the animals and will bless you for them.

  9. great news regarding your daughter-in-law's family.
    What is the best way to ship fabric? Its on my list this week.
    your kennel quilts are so so nice!

  10. It is nice when we are able to do something! So glad your family is okay.