Thursday, September 7, 2017

I've said it before...

 But, I will say it again... Quilters are the best!

When I posted my Noah and Matilda Sew-a-long progress (here), I mentioned how difficult it was to find reproductions of these 1890 neons. I had quite a few in my “collection”, but needed a few more 10” squares to round out the variety for the backings of my potholder blocks.

Cyndi and Sandy to the rescue! Sandy of (My Material Creations) sent me these beauties. 

And Cyndi (Busy Thimble) shared her private stash of Barbara Brackman & Terry Thompson’s “Ragtime” line. Just perfect for the last few backing pieces needed. 
Then on Sunday, my friend Karen (no blog), had the "7 Sistahs" over for "cake and take". She was downsizing her collection and we had dozens of tubs to paw though while enjoying her delicious orange cake - yum! I was able to find a few pieces to add to my small (wink) stash, when all of a sudden this appeared from under a stack. Oh Boy!! This was from my favorite fabric lines from Pilgrim and Roy. Not enough black in it to use as a backing, but I will be using it in the appliques when I need a green. Yum! 

Thanks a million you three!


  1. Take and cake sounds like great fun! Why is she downsizing??
    And I love that you were able to add to your collection for your blocks. They are awesome.
    Now I think I'm going to have to go look for some to send your way... more destashing!!!
    Just by the way, what KIND of cake??? ;-)

  2. Looks like you won the lottery--of neons, at least. :)
    Quilters are the best--and you are among them!!

  3. Those are amazing fabrics and you have such generous friends. But, that's what quilters are for, "Don't cha know?"

  4. Wonderful story of quilting friends! And beautiful fabrics! And what fun to see them in your future quilts!

  5. Quilters are THE BEST! what great new neons for you

  6. Beautiful neons, and I love your Noah and Matilda quilt.
    Love your color sense and play with patterns.

  7. I love those neons!I'm so behind on blog reading I must have missed you needed some. These are great! Quilters really are the best!

  8. Oh, I remember that Pilgrim and Roy fabric. For a while, you could find it in the sale bins as I don't think repro fabrics were that popular at the time.

  9. Gorgeous fabrics!
    Quilters are so awesome,thoughtful and generous.
    I love your Noah & Matilda blocks and the fabrics you've chosen for this quilt.