Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Fidget Quilt

 Last month I received an e-mail from Carol Y. in Virginia asking me if I would like a box of scraps that she had accumulated over the years. Now, I have absolutely no business acquiring one more scrid of fabric, but she was so nice, how could I say no? (wink!!). And what a box it was - full to the brim!

 It arrived on a Thursday which is the day we have our grandsons. The 4 year old and I had the best time sorting through the colorful scraps. He picked out some larger pieces to use as blankets for his “stuffies”. I picked out what I fancied and put the remainder in a smaller box to take to my meeting this month. They will be used to make quilts for the community.

We got an “urgent need” notice from our local hospital for “fidget” quilts for the Alzheimer’s unit. I grabbed a few pieces from my “keepers” pile and made this little piece. 

The cat is stuffed and fits into a little pocket.

The little Matryoska owl fabric was so cute. I stuffed this one and I have enough to make several more.

The pretty pansy fabric surrounds an elastic so they can pull it back and forth. These are fun to make and as long as things are safely secured to the piece it is really “anything goes”.  I hope to make a few more this weekend.

 My friends Janet (RogueQuilts) and Barbara (Quilts, Gravestones and Elusive Ancestors) also received scraps from Carol. Click on their links to see what fun things they came up with.

 Thanks a million Carol! Your scraps are well traveled and very much appreciated!


  1. What fun you are! You are always up to something special for other people. I'm in awe of your generosity.
    How nice of Carol and you.

  2. Fantastic! Way to pay it forward.

  3. What a great idea! Colorful and practical.

  4. Very clever fidget quilt. I have never been asked to make such a thing, but this reminds me of making "Quiet Book" pages for a granddaughter to take to church. :)

  5. What a great idea to use some of Carol's scraps for fidget quilts! Sounds like you and your grandson had a fun time sorting through them all. I recognize that red/white background fabric. I think I still have some :)

  6. Quilters are the best and so generous! The fidget quilt is perfect! I had no idea that was something that they needed/used. Blessings to you sweet friend.