Saturday, May 27, 2023

11th Annual Seven Sistahs Retreat

 Another fantastic retreat on Wells Beach, Maine. We all agreed that if it weren't for the fact that we truly missed our "Miss Tina", it would have been a perfect week. Tina was patiently recovering from her eye surgery and we were in constant contact with her to make sure she was behaving. She is doing wonderfully so all is well! 

We always have a great time, but we all admitted that this year was different. We all seemed more relaxed  about what we intended to accomplish. Instead of whirling with pedal to the metal, we spent a lot of time chatting and truly relaxing. We even tried to solve some of the world's problems as we ate our way through the week! 

I took very few photos this time, but here are a few highlights. A little retail therapy on Wednesday at the Portsmouth Fabric Company.

Susie Karen, Karen, Kathy and Charlotte hard at work. Fotini had to leave on Thursday, so I missed catching her photo! 


Susie Karen and Karen cheering Charlotte on with her marvelous border treatment on this gem. Karen's aunt Marsha gave Karen some vintage "Double Wedding Ring" archs which she turned over to Charlotte who created this wonderful master piece. 

Way to go Charlotte!


I only brought hand work but still brought more than I could finish in a month. I was able to assemble all these potholder blocks to create, "Fancy Feast". I  loved the one I made with vintage linens and feedsacks so much I decided to make one with chintzes and toiles. I love it! 

and back And, the backs is just as much fun with these printed patchwork (aka "cheater prints"). 
This is my favorite stage in the "potholder quilt" process. I love seeing all my blocks stacked up before I stitch them all together. 
These are a few of my favorites: Love those fishing cats!
And, of course my cowgirl days!
And this one because it is one of my friend Judy Roche's toiles. The chintz and the cheater on the back came from Judy as well. Thank you my friend. I miss you! 

Needless to say, a good time was had by all!! Enjoy the day.


  1. This looks like just what you needed, Wendy! I am sure it was physically exhausting, but mentally refreshing.
    The DWR quilt is incredible--love the border treatment.
    And your 2nd "postcards collection" quilt (as I think of them) is stunning made from those toiles and chintzes. Your collection of those fabrics is impressive, and the hand quilting is stunning!
    I love the shot that looks like a deck of cards fanned out.

  2. Can imagine it was divine....the sea, the sewing and shopping... Oh my!

  3. Nothing better than to enjoy being with like minded women who create.

  4. I love your blocks! and what great photos of the retreat. I love that border on the DWR - how unique and fun.
    how is she going to put that on? applique? machine?

    1. She is going to machine applique it. She is so clever!!

  5. How wonderful to be on retreat with friends. I love seeing your quilts. The blocks look beautiful!

  6. Such creativity and the best thing about retreats - besides being with like minded people - is the jolt to our creativity.

  7. Retreats are always wonderful aren't they.......